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Your Book Publishing was established in 2003. I was asked to publish a book for Portia Williams, Portia's Perspective Vol. 1. I stated that I had never published a book before and that I would attempt it. I am now in my 7th year of book publishing and I enjoy the work. Since my first book I have now published four more books. Poetry for Life by Portia, Behind These Walls by Warren Langford, Joshua's Letters by Aaron Joshua and Foster Child Someone To Talk To by Adrienne Clark Butler. If you need you book published contact me at 740.352.2817, or 888.315.0365 Ext. 3, or my email

Publishing Agreement

Let me be among the first to congratulate you! Writing a book of any kind is quite an undertaking. Considering that most people who say they want to write a book never do, you are already leaps ahead of the pack! And now you are ready to get your book published. However, where do you submit your book? Self-publishing through a traditional printer can cost thousands of dollars and leave you with boxes and boxes of books to deal with.

That is where we can help. Your Book Publishing has a design package for the self-publishing author. We can get your book published and into distribution without all the mess and headaches associated with self-publishing, leaving you with time to do what you want to do. You hire us to publish your book and get it into distribution for a small fee! There is no time like today! Why wait another minute wondering how to get your work published? Let us do it for you! Imagine the look on your family's faces when you show them your published book for the first time! It is true that there are many companies out there that will print your book, but none of them offers what we do for the same price! Some companies charge outrageous prices and provide you, the author, with very little one copy of your book, poor royalties on book sales, miniscule author "discounts" for purchasing additional copies of your book. If you are ready to turn that dream of becoming a published author into a reality, we invite you to look through this booklet to see if our package is for you. In just weeks, you will go from being a writer to a published author!

This is our basic, no-frills option for publishing your book. This package includes:

Basic Cover
We can design your book's full-color cover based on your suggestions or create an original design based on the content/subject of your book or you design cover. Basic cover design includes a full-color cover, title, and author's name on the front. The back may include information such as a synopsis of the book, a short (up to 250 words) bio of the author, ISBN (see below), price, and barcode. We will post a copy of your book's cover to our web site or through email, which you can view with your web browser (we will send you the address via e-mail), for your approval. We can also create and send you a printed proof for an additional fee. (See order form)

Alteration to Cover Design
If there are some things you would like to change about the cover, you can request-changes to the cover one time. Be sure to be as specific as possible. We will make the requested changes and post the final cover for you to see.

We will assign an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) to your book, allowing every bookstore in the world to order it, including retail giant, as well as thousands of independent bookstores and online booksellers!

Bar Code
We will purchase and assign your book a barcode so that other retailers can purchase or sell your book.

In order to keep our prices as low as possible for this Basic Package, we do not edit your manuscript. Make sure your manuscript has been thoroughly read and proofread (preferably by people who have never read it before) before submitting it for publication. We do offer editing services, which can be purchased for an extra fee, for those desiring editing of their manuscript. (See order form)

Basic Interior Layout
We will lay out the interior text of your book in a single or double-column format, with no illustrations. You may also specify whether you want a serif font or typeface (such as Times New Roman) or sans serif font (such as Arial or Helvetica) for the main body text. You can also request a certain style of font for the chapter titles and any headers and sub-headers in your book. You can include illustrations in your book for a small fee for each illustration. (See order form)

Once the layout and cover design are complete, we will prepare all of the computer files for printing, ensuring that they comply with industry standards.

We keep a copy of all computer files associated with your book. These files are archived for future reference or use (if needed). We can also provide a copy of the archived files on CD for a small additional fee. (See order form)

Your book is printed in 5x8? format, with a full-color, white 10-point C1s glossy professional thickness cover, with lamination, and B&W interior pages printed on 24-lb. white paper. Color pages are now available for an additional charge. (See order form)

Author’s Copies
Once your book is printed, we will deliver/ship 10 copies of your book directly to you. You can also purchase additional copies of your book at the production cost. That information will be provided. You will be thrilled to see and finally hold a copy of your published book in your hands!

Books in Print
We register your book for inclusion in RR Bowker's Books in Print, a huge catalog listing every book in print. Your book will be available for order by virtually every bookstore in the world!

Promotional Information
We will send you a B&W, one-page press release announcing the publication of your book. The press release includes a picture of your book's cover, and contains pertinent information about your book, including the title, price, ISBN number, and where retailers and consumers can buy your book. A color version can also be provided for an additional fee. (See order form)You can copy and send your press release to newspapers, local bookstores, libraries, and radio stations to announce your new book and gain extra exposure (which will increase sales)!

You and Your Book Publishing will set the cover price or list prices of your book. The cover price or list prices are based on the total production cost of your book.

You earn 35% of the list price of each book sold after total cost of production. The Publisher assigns a wholesale price for your book, typically 45% of the suggested retail price (SRP or "cover price"). The wholesale price minus the production cost is the "gross profit." Your earnings will be generated from the cost of the book sold minus total production cost. You will receive a quarterly statement showing the number of books sold and the amount of royalties you have earned from those sales, and a check for that amount. The more books that are sold, the more money you make!

You Keep the Rights to Your Book!
You keep the rights to your work. Your Book Publishing licenses the right to publish your book in its current edition. The copyright to the book is yours, as is the Trademark (the title). In fact, we will provide the completed forms that you can use to register the copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office and file a trademark registration request with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office! All remaining rights (serial rights, electronic rights, movie & TV rights, and so on) are exclusively yours! You get all of these services for a one-time payment of just $625! There are no monthly service or "maintenance" fees and no hidden costs. Your book is published and ready to be purchased by any customer who browses the Internet or from Karen’s Convenience and Bargain Center!


Below are frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Your Book Publishing's services and publishing packages.

How do I sign up?
It is easy. Just call or email us at 740.352.2817 or 888.315.0365 Ext. 3, and request a Submissions Package. We will send you all of the forms and instructions, including a contract, to fill out and return to us with your manuscript.

What are "second publishing rights?"
Second publishing rights are the rights to use artwork that has been previously published elsewhere. An example is using a painting that has been previously published on the cover of a book on the cover of an audio CD.

Can I include photographs in my book?
Yes. You can include photographs, line art (B&W images with no gray-scale), or other photo-quality images in your book. Color photographs, line art, or other photo-quality images can now be put in your book for an additional fee. (See order form) How many images can I include in my book? Up to five. Additional illustrations may be added for a nominal fee. (See order form)

How long does it take before my book is available for sale?
Once the cover design and layouts are approved and we send your book to the printer, it takes about 6 weeks before your book is ready to be ordered. The entire process, from receipt of' your submissions package until the book is available for sale, takes an average of 8 to 10 weeks.

What kinds of books do you publish?
We publish all kinds of books, including cookbooks, children’s' books, fiction, non-fiction, yearbooks, family history books and role playing game books. We reserve the right to reject any submission. We will not publish, for example, pornography, libelous or slanderous material, or any material deemed illegal by municipal, state, or federal law. Aside from that, we will publish just about anything you care to submit.

What are non-transferable rights?
Non-transferable rights are those rights that are granted to one person or company and cannot be used by another, third party. Publishing rights for artwork commissioned by and used in Your Book Publishing projects, for example, are nontransferable. We license the rights to use the art in your book. However, if you later decide to publish your book elsewhere, you cannot use the same art; you must obtain new art for the new edition of the book.

How is the price of my book determined?
You and Your Book Publishing, based on the total production cost, determine the Suggested Retail Price (also known as the SRP or “cover price” of your book. As a rule of thumb, the SRP will be equal to 3 times the total production cost.

How do I get paid?
We send you quarterly sales reports showing the total number of books sold (if any) in the previous quarter, the total wholesale value and production costs, the gross profit for books sold, and the total royalties owed to you (royalties are based on the specific Publishing Package you have purchased). We will also send you a check in the amount of royalties owed. Each report and royalty check is sent within 60 days of the end of each calendar quarter. In addition, we will be sending you an IRS Form 1099 MISC in January if royalties paid to you in the previous calendar year exceeded $10. This form requires your social security number.

Why do you need my Social Security Number?
The IRS requires us to report any wages in excess of $600 or royalties in excess of $10 within a calendar year paid to contractors, including authors. We need your Social Security Number in order to comply with federal law and to properly report royalties paid to the IRS.

What will my finished book look like?
Your book can be published in 5x8? size, soft cover (paperback), and perfect bound. The interior of your book will be printed on 24-lb. offset, white paper. Paperback book covers are printed in full color on one side, front, and back, on white 10-point C1S glossy professional thickness paper, and laminated.

I already have an ISBN. Can you use it for my book?
Yes/No. Whenever a new edition of a book is published, it must have a unique ISBN. If the title, publisher, manuscript/text, author, publication date or format (e.g., binding, size, etc.) changes the new books is considered a new edition and requires a new ISBN. Each publisher has its own Publisher's Prefix Number, which is incorporated into the ISBN for each title. We will assign a new ISBN for your book or if you purchase your own ISBN’s we can use those. Cost for each ISBN and Bar Code is $55, which is included in the basic package prices.

Can I submit my book's layout myself?
Layout and design is one of the services we provide as a publisher, and the fees for each Package include theses services. We accept manuscripts only in plain ASCII text, without any formatting. We do all of the formatting within ClickBooks, a leading professional layout and design program recognized by professional printers and service bureaus. You may send us a printout of your book laid out, as you would like to see it, in addition to your plain text manuscript file. We will work to match your design ideas as closely as possible when laying out your book. Complex designs (i.e., any design that does not closely match one our design templates) may subject your job to additional costs. If this is the case, we will send you an estimate of extra costs for your custom design.

What if my book has already been published elsewhere?
As long as your publishing agreement for your book does not transfer rights to the existing publisher, then you can publish your book through us. Note that paperback (soft cover) and hardback (hardcover) rights are often treated separately. For example, if your book is currently available in hardcover form and you have not transferred the paperback rights to your publisher, then we may be able to publish a paperback edition of your book. When in doubt, it is always best to consult an attorney, who can look over your agreement (i.e., the contract) and determine if you can publish your book through another publisher, perhaps in a new edition.

Can I design my own cover?
Absolutely. You can be as creative as you like. We will incorporate your design as much as possible. Bear in mind that we need to include things such as the barcode and ISBN on the book's cover, so we may not be able to use exactly the design you come up with. However, we will work with you to create a cover design that meets with your approval.

Can anyone "steal" my book from the Internet?
No. Your book and all associated files are never stored on our web server. They are kept on a separate, secure system that cannot be accessed from via the Internet or "direct dial-up."

What do you mean by a "graphic?"
Any image other than straight text printed inside the book is considered an image. Examples include drawings, photographs, charts and graphs, and the like. Images that are simply black and white, simple drawings are called "line-art." Images with varying shades from white to black are called "grayscale." Color images are (naturally) called "color."

Can you scan my photos or pictures for me?
If you are not familiar with scanning and manipulation of digital images, we can scan your original photos or pictures for you. Additional images can be scanned for $10 per additional image.

How should I submit my files?
If you are submitting only your manuscript file, you can send it on a 3.5" floppy disk (PC or Mac format), Zip 100 disk, or CD. If submitting graphic files (i.e., TIFFs) you may submit them on a Zip 100 disk, or CR. Make sure your files are named to indicate what they are. Please use the PC/DOS naming convention (up to 8 characters, a period, and a 3-character extension; e.g., mybook.txt).

Can I get extra copies of my book at a discount, if I want them?
Yes. Each design package includes a number of copies of your book that are sent to you as part of the package. You may purchase extra books at the production cost, plus shipping charges.

Can I embed images in my manuscript?
No. Your manuscript should be sent to us as a plain ASCII text file. Any image files you send should be separate and named in a manner that makes it easy for us to recognize what the image is (e.g., "redcantif"). We will put the images into the book during the layout process.

Can I use color images in my book?
Yes. We now have color capabilities. Books published by Your Book Publishing are printed in black and now color.

Where can I see some of your books?
Below are books our staff has worked on.
Portia’s Perspective Vol. 1 Mind Elevating News Articles (0-9709619-1-X)
Poetry For Life (0-9709619-2-8)
Poetic Soul Food (0-9709619-3-6)
Behind These Walls (0-9785309-0-X)
Joshua’s Letters (0-97853091-8)
Foster Child Someone To Talk To (0-9785309-3-8)

How does Your Book Publishing stay in touch with me throughout this process?
We will send you a confirmation notice once your submission package and payment is received. At that point, we begin work on your book, preparing it for publication. At various stages of production, we will contact you by e-mail or telephone to let you know that a portion of the project is finished and ready for your approval. Depending on whether you request hardcopy proofs, we will either ship them to you or post it online and send you the web address where you can see it. Once all approvals are made, your project goes to print. Upon completion of the initial production, we ship your author's copies to you, along with a notice that your books are now available for purchase from any bookstore!

If you have a question that was not addressed within this FAQ page, please contact us with your question. We will reply as quickly as possible with an answer to your question.

Production Costs

The production cost of your book is based on a base print charge plus a per-page print charge. To determine the production cost of your book, consult the information below. Prices shown are per copy.

Soft cover (paperback) Books 5 x 8" or smaller books

• Base Print Charge: $3.00 • Per Page Print Charge: $.020 • Laminated Cover Page Print Charge: $2.50

Example 1
Book 1 is a 280-page, 5x8" paperback with full color cover.
• Base Print Charge: $3.00
• Per Page Print Charge: $5.60
• Laminated Cover Print Charge: $2.50
• Total Production Cost: $11.10
• Suggested Retail Price: $33.30 (3 x TPC)
• Est. Wholesale Price: $14.99 (45% of SRP)
• Gross Profit: $3.89 (14.99-11.10)

Size of finished book: 5x8"
Cover: Soft cover, perfect (square) bound, full color
Page count: 280 pages; Production Cost: $11.10 each; Sugg. Retail Price: $33.30 each; Wholesale Price: $14.99 each; Gross Profit: $3.89 per copy sold. Your royalty is 35% of list price per book sold.

Ex. $33.30 - $14.99 = $18.31 - $11.10 = $7.21 or 35% of list price $10.50?

Example 2
Book 2 is a 74-page, 5x8" paperback with a full color cover.
• Base Print Charge: $3.00
• Per Page Print Charge: $1.48
• Laminated Cover Print Charge: $2.50
• Total Production Cost: $6.98
• Suggested Retail Price: $20.94 (3 x TPC)
• Est. Wholesale Price: $9.42 (45% of SRP)
• Gross Profit: $2.44 (9.42-6.98)

Size of finished book: 5x8"
Cover: Soft cover, perfect (square) bound, full color
Page count: 74 pages; Production Cost: $6.98 each; Sugg. Retail Price: $20.94 each; Wholesale Price: $9.42 each; Gross Profit: $2.44 per copy sold. Your royalty is 35% of list price per book sold.

 Ex. $20.94 – $9.42 = $11.52 - $6.98 = $4.54 or 35% of list price = $7.00?

The figures above are for illustrative purposes only. Results will vary based on production cost and sales performance for each individual book. Your Book Publishing does not guarantee sales performance or income/or any book. Sales of your book may he higher or lower than those shown above. In most cases, sales of print-on-demand books are lower (sometimes much lower) than traditional printed books.


Book Publishing Agreement (AUTHOR) Book Publishing Agreement (PUBSLIHER) ORDER FORM
ORDER FORM (PUBLISHER) Payment Plan Agreement (AUTHOR) Payment Plan Agreement (PUBLISHER)

Our submissions policy is very simple. All you need to do is fill out our Publishing Agreement and Order Form. These forms should have accompanied this information booklet.

Submission and Publication Agreement
Be sure to read over the agreement carefully. There is a lot of information in there, and everything is important. The agreement outlines your rights as well as ours. It is the legal document, which defines our business relationship in regards to the publication of your book. We encourage you to have an attorney review the document to clarify any points in the agreement that may be unclear. Of course, if you have any questions about the agreement you are free to ask us.

Order Form
Remember, when you purchase the basic design package, all of the services in that package are included in the base cost.

Preferably, all submissions must include payment in full (payment arrangements can be made, if needed). We cannot start work on your book until the agreement and order form have been signed and mailed to us with payment. Make payments to Your Book Publishing.

We accept the following forms of payment: Personal Check: We accept payment via personal checks. Checks require 10 business days to clear before production of your book begins; Money Order; PayPal: (a convenient online payment service), please send payment to our email, website.

Portia's Perspective Vol. 1 Mind Elevating News Articles ISBN 0-9709619-1-X $15.95
Portia's Perspective Vol. 1 Cover
Behind These Walls by Warren Langford ISBN 0-9785309-0-X $15.00
Behind the Walls Bookcover
Poetry For Life by Portia ISBN 0-9709619-2-8 $15.95
Poetry for Life Bookcover
Joshua's Letters by Aaron E. Joshua ISBN 0-9785309-1-8 $15.00
Joshua's Letters Bookcover
Foster Child Someone To Talk To ISBN 9780-9785309-3-8 $20.00
Foster Child Someone Bookcover